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Hack Your Motivation: Over 50 Science-based Strategies to Improve Performance

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**”Finally!!!! Evidence-based research on motivation that’s written in an engaging, humorous, easy-to-read style!” –Karen, Performance & Leadership Consultant
**”Bobby masterfully bridges the gap between research and practice by applying high quality motivational research to everyday life.” –David, Master Educator

**”This book is not easy to put down. You will find yourself often referring back to its pages. The a-ha moments will cascade in.” –Glenn, Team Leader & Operations Manager

Hack Your Motivation gives you the latest and most reliable performance tools and tips to help you reach your personal or profession goals. Written by motivational scientist and leadership consultant Dr. Bobby Hoffman, this book converts hard-core research from psychology, business, athletics, neuroscience, and education into easy-to-read and simple-to-master strategies. Hoffman includes unorthodox examples from his own life and the lives of others to enlighten, inspire, and amuse —so anyone can learn to maximize their untapped potential. If achieving glory, feeling good about your accomplishments, or understanding why you do what you do (or don’t do) is important to you, then look no further.



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A New Yorker in spirit, Dr. Bobby Hoffman is an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF), now calling Orlando home. A 2006 graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a PhD in Educational Psychology. Bobby joined UCF in August 2006 after a 20-year career in human resources management and performance consulting working with the world’s most successful global companies including GE, NBC, KPMG, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Currently, Hoffman teaches a variety of classes at the graduate level in motivation, learning, cognition, and intelligence.