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Fashion Rebels: Style icons that changed the world through fashion

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  • Illustrated biography containing 25 of history’s most influential fashion icons.
  • Brave and inventive fashion choices that paved the way for female empowerment.


Get to know the women who have used fashion power and brought about change with this illustrated biography containing twenty-five of history’s most influential fashion icons.

Over time, bold women have made fashion choices that have changed the story’s extension. From Marie Antoinette, who had a hairstyle as big as her presence, to Coco Chanel, who imagined a world without ribbing shattering corsets and heavy dresses, to Katharine Hepburn, who was walking around the studio in her underwear when studio executives refused to allow her to wear her wearing her so scandalous jeans, these women were stupid and rebellious icons.

Their fashion choices reflected and redefined what it meant to be a woman in her day. They did not follow trends or cultural conventions, but instead set the course with their own style. Their bold and inventive fashion choices paved the way for female empowerment.

With hairstyle tips, DIY projects, inspiration boards that break down each icon’s style, and illustrated timelines covering the evolution of pants, skirts, the little black dress and more, Fashion Rebels: Style Icons that changed the world through Fashion invite readers to process fashion as an act of fearless creativity – and even become fashion trailblazers themselves.